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Product Name@F Takoyaki Option Parts
This mark shows our original brand product made in Osaka Japan, which we are very much proud of its quality and price

Takoyaki Option Parts

To change plates from original plate, or in case original plate is missing or broken,
we supply plate as option.

edge height or shape
iron 18/28 holes4 mm
iron deep edge 18/28 holes10 mm
copper8 mm
grill platefour sides slanted

Tax Free Price List of Takoyaki Option Parts
** consumption tax is to be added for domestic shipment **
modelprice(JPY)imageouter size (hole size) : width x length (diameter x depth)net weight
iron plate deep edge 18 hole4,160190 x 345 (46mm x 23)mm3 Kg
iron plate deep edge 28 hole4,160190 x 345 (38mm x 23)mm3.8 Kg
coppor plate 18 hole8,992190 x 345 (46mm x 21)mm1.1 Kg
copper plate 28 hole8,992190 x 345 (38mm x 18)mm1.1 Kg
grill plate 1 plate size3,360190 x 345 mm3.1 Kg
grill plate 2 plate size5,760380 x 345 mm6.2 Kg

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